Meeting Minutes – June 20, 2014

General Meeting
June 20, 2014

The HAPLD Friends Foundation members met at Tom’s Farm on Friday, June 20, 2014. Those in attendance were:

  • Diane Benson
  • Sandy Cooper
  • Pat Cornwell
  • Connie Corwin
  • Nancy Hardy
  • Genevieve Hochwarter
  • Pamela Kampwerth
  • Charleen Kelly
  • Stevie Massei
  • Beth McKenna
  • Frank Novak
  • Shirley Nowak
  • Janis Ruffino
  • Jan Schadt
  • Martha Schooley
  • Judy Schrader
  • Marge Smith
  1. President, Genevieve Hochwarter, called the meeting to order at 11:12, welcoming all in attendance.
  2. Genevieve introduced the new Board’s officers: Genevieve Hochwarter, president; Janis Ruffino, vice-president; Marge Smith, secretary; Sandy Cooper and Diane Benson, co-treasurers.
  3. Director’s Report: Frank Novak reported that the operating budget has been completed. He and Leigh Ann Porsch are working on monthly activities for the Library’s 25th anniversary. Building projects necessary for a 15 year old building are being addressed.
  4. The May Secretary’s report was read. The spelling of Genevieve Hochwarter’s last name was corrected and the treasurer’s report was given by Sandy not Judy. Pat Cornwell moved that the minutes be accepted as corrected, Judy Schrader seconded the motion. The minutes were accepted.
  5. Sandy gave the treasurer’s report which shows a balance of $12921.67, as of May 31. The main sources of income were from the May Breakfast and Corner Book sales; expenses were mainly the May Breakfast, taxes, and a donation to the Library. Pat Cornwell moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, Connie Corwin seconded it and the motion carried.
  6. Book Sales: The May 24th Gardening Book Sale at the Farmers Market was not successful. Martha suggested using the books in Gardening Display at the Library. The June Book Sale netted over $600. The August Book Sale will have an extra day. It will be open August 1 in the evening in conjunction with the Mini-Golf event. Many volunteers will be needed. Everyone was encouraged to sign-up to work one of the events.
  7. Summer Reading Program Registration: Frank indicated that the enrollment numbers were higher than last year. The Friends received a $117 check from Kona Ice (20% of their sales). Genevieve wondered if they could come the night of the Book Sale/Mini-Golf events.
  8. Mini-Golf: Mini-Golf flyers were passed out at the Summer Reading Program and the event was explained to patrons. Nancy said if the “face-to-face” approach of advertising doesn’t work we should not continue holding the Mini-Golf night. If it does work, we should continue to advertise at the Summer Reading Program. Pam reported that we already have $300 in sponsorship. Sponsorships are how we make money on this event. The next planning meeting is at Kosta’s, July 18th, following the General Meeting at the Library.
  9. Genevieve has heard from the architect/archeologist. He has open dates the end of September and beginning of October. Pam will check the dates with available dates at the Cosman Center. Pam will look into scheduling a “Downton Abbey” Tea in November.
  10. Pat moved to adjourn. Connie seconded. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 11:37.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marjorie Smith