Meeting Minutes – January 20, 2017


General Meeting in Program Room, Friday, January 20, 2017

Attending-Sandy Cooper, Judy Schrader, Diane Benson, Marge Smith, Deanna Engelke, Candace Maloney, Leslie Threadgill-Smith, Janis Ruffino, Martha Schooley, Frank Novak-Library Director, Pamela Kampwerth-Friends Liaison

Janis Ruffino called the meeting to order at 11:03

Directors Report– Library staff is moving CDs to new sleeves in order to condense space. Plans to rearrange library space are being studied. The trailers are nearing their lifespan so space will be needed for program room and children’s section. The library will be closed June 26 so the staff can attend American Library Association exhibit at Mc Cormack Place.

Secretary’s Report– The November minutes were reviewed, it was noted that Karen Zarembski’s name was misspelled. Marge Smith moved to accept the minutes as corrected, Judy Schrader seconded and the motion carried.

Treasurers Report– Sandy Cooper presented the December End of Year Report. Net income for 2016 was 2, 651.37. Martha Schooly moved to accept, Judy Schrader seconded and the motion carried.

Very Merry Huntley– Was great success. Approximately $500.00 in basket raffle tickets were sold.

Book Sales-December sales were $831.59. Volunteers are needed for the February Book Sale. Set up will begin at 5:00 Friday, Feb. 3 in back of the information desk.  February Jewelry, Chocolate, Candy and Purse Sale needs volunteers.  Set up will start at 3:00 Friday Feb 3, in the Program Room.

Holiday Basket Sale– Net income was $2,448.06.

Annual Plea update– So far $6,915.93 has been collected.   More may still come in.

Holiday Luncheon– Was wonderful as usual, slide show prepared by Cory was enjoyed by all. Attendance seemed low- 42.  Discussion of having the luncheon this year in October during  National Friends of the Library Week.

Next Culver’s Fundraising Night– Monday, April 17.

Fundraising Breakfast– Wednesday, May 17 at Boulder Ridge Country Club. R.J. Lindsey will portray Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Janis read a thank you note from Frank Novak for the $38,000.00 we gave the library.

Time was taken to remember Betty O’Connor Kwast who passed away at the age of 93. Her many hours of help to the Library were noted.

Leslie Threadgill-Smith moved to adjourn the meeting, Stevie Massie seconded, the motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 11:37.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Benson