Meeting Minutes – November 18, 2017

Huntley Area Public Library District FRIENDS FOUNDATION General Meeting in Library Program Room, Friday, November 18, 2016

Attending:  Diane Benson, Bert Stohs, Rita Stohs, Karen Zarembski, Karen Hutchings, Mary Ann Schopen, Janis Ruffino, Stevie Massei, Muriel Fink, Leslie Threadgill-Smith and Pamela Kampwerth.

Janis called the meeting to order at 11:05 am.

Secretary’s Report – The October minutes were reviewed, Karen Zarembski moved to accept, Stevie Massei, 2nd. Approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Diane Benson reported Net Income at $30,962.89.  The check from Culver’s has not been received which will be almost $300.  Rita Stohs moved to approve, 2nd by Mary Ann Schopen, approved.

Sun City Showcase – The Friends explained space issues and how new holders for DVDs will save space and be more efficient.

Book Sales – Instead of the program room, the November book sales were held in the central portion of the library with good success.  Positives are visibility so that more people became aware of the sale and easier set up by friends and staff so that central location will be used again in February for books and the program room will house jewelry sales.  The December 3 & 4 book sale, however, will be in the program room.

November Staff Thank You Breakfast – November 16.  The staff is looking forward to this annual event.

Annual Plea – We are hoping Giving Tuesday will help raise funds, as letters have been sent.

Holiday Basket Committee – Sales have begun for another year of great baskets, thanks to the committee.

Very Merry Huntley – request for assistance in basket ticket sales.  Private book sale during event.

Holiday Luncheon – Boulder Ridge, December 7, 11:30.  Pamela will provide a Friends of the Library Slide Show to show involvement and successes.

Dates were highlighted for Book Sale, Friends Board of Directors meeting, Library board meeting. And noted no December general meeting due to holiday luncheon.

Next meeting: January 20, 2017

Adjourn – Muriel Fink moved to adjourn and 2nd by Karen Zarembski about 11:35 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Hutchings