Meeting Minutes – May 19, 2017

General Meeting        May 19, 2017

The HAPLD Friends Foundation members met in the Library Program Room, Friday, May 19, 2017. Those in attendance were:

Diane Benson, Joni Brickley, Sandy Cooper, Connie Corwin, Marilyn Graunke, Nancy Hardy, Genevieve Hochwarter, Stevie Massei, Janis Ruffino, Mary Ann Schopen, Judy Schrader, Marge Smith, Pat Totman, Library Director, Frank Novak; Library Communications Coordinator; Leigh Ann Porsch; Library Liaison, Pamela Kampwerth.

At 11:07 a.m. Genevieve welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Director’s Report
Frank Novak reportedthe new Board of Trustees was sworn in Wednesday night

  • a Community Survey will be conducted by NIU
    • mostly the survey will be done by mobile phone
    • the information being gathered will be used to find out how the Library can be relevant to the community in daily life
    • will be conducted in July/August
    • results available in August/September
    • audience suggestions
      • let Sun City know how caller ID would appear so the Neighborhoods can communicate that to their homeowners.
  • Following the survey, he would like to discuss with the Board the possibility of a building program, to be voted on in 2020
    • The permit for the current triple-wide trailer will expire in January
    • Contingency would be to move Children’s Department into the main building

Secretary’s Report
The April minutes were corrected to read the meeting adjourned at 12:16 p.m. (not a.m.) and the spelling of Pat Totman’s name. Connie moved that the minutes be accepted as corrected, Marilyn seconded, the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report
Sandy Cooper gave the treasurer’s report which showed a balance of $19,056.39. Income included: Corner Books, $261.65 (1 week); sponsorship and tickets for the Spring Breakfast, $940.00.  Expenses included Liability insurance, $603.00 and donations to the Library, $797.80. Nancy moved the treasurer’s report be accepted, Diane seconded and the motion carried.

Breakfast Fundraiser
The breakfast fundraiser, Fireside Chat with FDR, was well received. The profit should be between $4500-$5000.

Growing Green Days, May 19-21
Nancy and Connie went to The Growing Scene before the meeting and felt the selection was better this year. Sunday’s program includes bringing your pot and they will pot it with your selections. Friends will earn 10% of the sales at The Growing Scene on these three days. A Friends certificate is required. Certificates were available.

June Book Sale
The June sale will be set up behind the Information desk on Friday night, June 2, after the Library closes. Volunteers need to arrive before the doors are locked at 5:00 p.m. Volunteers are needed for the sales, especially Saturday afternoon.

Summer Reading Program
June 7 is sign-up day for the Summer Reading Program, “Super Powered Summer”. Volunteers are needed for the afternoon shift.

 Minilinks Committee
At the end of the Summer Reading Program, the Friends will host Minilinks and a Book Sale. Anyone interested in serving on the committee is invited to attend a meeting, June 9, 11:00 a.m. at Genevieve’s home. Minilinks will be open Friday evening, August 4; Book Sale will be open Friday afternoon and evening, August 4; Book Sale will be open August 5-6.

Little Free Libraries
Two Little Free Libraries are now in place:

  • Woodstock and 3rd Streets, on the property of the original Thomas Stillwell Huntley’s home;
    • built by the Sun City Woodchucks as a replica of the former Huntley Train Station.
    • Scott Lindsey and Pam Cardenas, stewards
    • The Chamber held a ribbon cutting, May 5
  • Deicke Park;
    • the Rotary, stewards
    • built by Boy Scout
  • Tomaso Park
    • The next Little Library location
    • built by Boy Scout

Genevieve will contact the archaeological architect, Jay Heidel, who gave a program in 2014 about presenting another program in October about new findings in Egypt.

The July meeting will be held at Tom’s Farm. Sandy moved that the meeting adjourn, Connie seconded, the motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted, Marjorie Smith