Meeting Minutes – August 18, 2017

General Meeting        August 18, 2017

The HAPLD Friends Foundation members met in the Program Room at the Library.
Those in attendance were: Diane Benson, Sandy Cooper, Pat Cornwell, Connie Corwin, Deanna Engelke, Marilyn Graunke, Nancy Hardy, Stevie Massei, Shirley Nowak, Janis Ruffino, Judy Schrader, Marge Smith, Pat Totman, Karen Zarembski.

Library Director: Frank Novak; Library Communications Coordinator: Leigh Ann Porsch

At 11:02 a.m. Vice-President Janis Ruffino opened the meeting, thanking everyone for coming.

Director’s Report
 -The Trustees approved the budget for the coming year.
-The Library will be closed December 1 to set up for Very Merry Huntley event that night.
-The Library will close 2 days in the Spring for staff training on the new Polaris system scheduled to be in operation April 18.
-Interior space downsizing continues. New shelving may be in by Very Merry Huntley.
-Minilinks attendance was incredible. Despite the cold, some came to picnic ahead of time.

Secretary’s Report
The July minutes were reviewed. The minutes were corrected to say that Diane Benson gave the June Treasurer’s report, not Pat Darrow. Connie Corwin moved the minutes be accepted as corrected, Pat Cornwell seconded, the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report
Sandy Cooper gave the treasurer’s report which showed a balance of $22,572.61. Marilyn Graunke moved the treasurer’s report be accepted, Pat Totman seconded and the motion carried.

 August Book Sale, recap
The Book Sale was set up behind the Information Desk and had steady business during the Minilinks. Total sales for the weekend was $628.50 with an additional $11.25 in donations. Teen helpers were great (Friday sales, Minilinks and take down on Sunday).

Minilinks recap
This was the most successful Minilinks yet. $1900.00 was received in sponsorships, $371.00 from golfers. Kona Ice profit has not been received yet.

Fall Fest, September 22, 23, & 24
Many volunteers are needed for this event, especially with additional hours Friday night. Sign-up sheets were available for setup Friday morning and sale hours Friday-Sunday.

Friends’ Luncheon, October 20
The Friends’ annual luncheon will be held in October instead of December. This will be instead of the October General meeting during National Friends of the Library Week. Cost will be $25.00 for Friends, $35.00 for non-Friends (the extra $10.00 can be used as membership fee). Attendees must be preregistered. Bingo will be played and Cory will prepare a PowerPoint of the year’s activities.

Holiday Basket Committee
The first meeting of the Basket Committee will be September 1 at Genevieve’s house. Interested members should come to the 11:00 meeting.

Janis reminded everyone of upcoming dates.

Pat Cornwell moved that the meeting adjourn, Connie Corwin seconded, the motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 11:22 a.m.  Respectfully Submitted, Marjorie Smith