Meeting Minutes – December 15, 2017

General Meeting        December 15, 2017

The HAPLD Friends Foundation members met in the Program Room at the Library.
Those in attendance were: Diane Benson, Sandy Cooper, Connie Corwin, Pat Darow, Carol David, Deanna Engelke, Nancy Hardy, Janet Gorgius, Genevieve Hochwarter, Candace Maloney, Stevie Massei, Michelle Mattes, Shirley Nowak, Janis Ruffino, Judy Schrader, Marge Smith, Leslie Threadgill-Smith, Patricia Wyant.  Library Liaison, Pamela Kampwerth.

At 11:03 a.m. Genevieve called the meeting to order.

Director’s Report
In the Director’s absence, Pamela reported that the Winter Reading Program has begun. This is one of the events the Friends support. Those who have not signed up were encouraged to sign up at the Information Desk. The Board of Trustees will be investigating the possibility of having a referendum in 2020.

Secretary’s Report
The November minutes were reviewed. Connie moved the minutes be accepted as corrected (the spelling of Boulder Ridge under Secretary’s Report), Sandy seconded, the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report
The December balance is $42,188.35. Pamela reported that the 2017 total of monies raised, $56,650.91, is the most in several years. More monies should be coming before the end of the year. Pamela and Genevieve will review the end of the year balance next Wednesday to decide the amount of the check to be given to the Library, at least $41,000.  This is in addition to money given during the year to fund various programs. The Friends will be receiving a check for $5,000 from the EFS Foundation for summer and winter reading programs in 2018. Judy moved to accept the Treasurer’s report; Stevie seconded, the motion carried.

 December Book Sale & Very Merry Huntley
The weekend was very successful. The night of Very Merry Huntley, raffle ticket and book sales netted over $1000. It was decided that starting in April book sales prices will be raised: $2 for hardcover books, $1 for paperbacks. The next book sale is February 3-4.

Library Lovers 2018
February will be a Match the Match fundraiser for the Minivan. A donor has come forward who will match donations in February up to $1000. The January/February newsletter will explain and will encourage others to also match donations. The GoFundMe page is still active.

Holiday Basket Drawings
Over $3000 was raised in raffle ticket sales. The winning tickets for the 19 baskets were drawn. 

Diane moved that the meeting adjourn, Sandy seconded, the motion carried. The meeting adjourned. After which volunteers counted the number of entries for each basket.

Respectfully Submitted, Marjorie Smith