Meeting Minutes – May 17, 2019

General Meeting             May 17, 2019

The HAPLD Friends Foundation members met in the Library Program room.

Those in attendance: Diane Becker, Jan Brandt, Ron Brandt, Darcy Chadwick, Connie Corwin, Deanne Engelke, Marilyn Graunke, Nancy Hardy, Genevieve Hochwarter, Bert Knierim, Geri Levine, Candace Maloney, Ron Mangold, Stevie Massei, Shirley Nowak, Marge Smith, Reta Stohs, Pat Totman, Kathleen Wulf; Rob Aavang, Librarian; Leigh Ann Porsch, Head of Marketing and Public Relations; Pamela Kampwerth, Head of Circulation and Outreach Services; Frank Novak, Library Director

Director’s Report
At 11:04 a.m. Frank Novak, Library Director, gave a brief explanation of the upcoming activities in the building program.

Library Jeopardy
Rob Aavang, Librarian, conducted a Library Jeopardy game as a way of learning about library resources.

 At 11:48 a.m. Genevieve Hochwarter called the regular meeting to order.

Secretary’s Report
Connie Corwin moved the April minutes be accepted, Reta Stohs seconded, the motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report
The April treasurer’s report showed a balance of $18,934.53. Nancy Hardy moved the treasurer’s report be accepted, Kathleen Wulf seconded, the motion passed.

Human Race Recap
There was snow on the ground for this year’s Human Race. Six people participated in the 5K (3.1 miles) walk. Over a $1000 was earned.

Breakfast Recap
R.J. Lindsey’s portrayal of R.E. Olds was well received. Next year he is working on a new program, Marshall Field. So far the event cleared $3,128.

Growing Green Days Fundraiser
Fundraiser running over the weekend.

June Library Book Sale
Volunteers are needed for a few shifts, June 1 & 2. Sign-up sheets were available.

Summer Reading Registration Event, June 5
The Friends fund all the Library programs. The Summer Reading program is funded by a $6000 grant the Friends applied for from the EFS foundation. Volunteers are needed on registration day to hand out folders. Kona Ice will be at the Library June 5th and 6th. The Friends receive a portion of their sales.

June 21st General Meeting, 6:30 p.m.
The June meeting will be an evening meeting. Debra Miller will be returning, portraying Louisa May Alcott. Light refreshments will be available. Registration is required.

Mini Links, July 26, 5:30-7:45 p.m.
The first committee meeting is Friday, June 7, 11:00 a.m. at Genevieve’s house. This will be the last Mini Links until after the building expansion when we will have room for 18 holes!

Election of new Board of Directors
Deanne Engelke moved the current Board be reelected by acclimation. Pat Totman seconded, and the motion passed.

Shirley Nowak moved the meeting adjourn, Pat Totman seconded, the meeting adjourned at 12:14 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marjorie Smith