Meeting Minutes – July 21, 2023

General Meeting June 21, 2023 
The HAPLD Friends Foundation members met in Program Room 3

Those in attendance:  Sharon Cleveland, Connie Corwin, Pat Darrow, Carol David, Deanna Engelke, Karlith Gorka, Nancy Hardy, Genevieve Hochwarter, Dianne Hoerter, Bert Knierim, Melanie LoPiccolo, Shirley Nowak, Jackie Pollack, Marge Smith, Reta Stohs, Penny Thoma, Pat Totman, Karen Zarembski and Ziggy 

 Staff: Pamela Kampwerth, Head of Programming and Outreach; Rob Aavang, Librarian; Frank Novak, Library Director 

 Pamela Kampwerth called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. 

Rob Aavang led a Jeopardy type game including Huntley History and Library trivia. Everyone could select a prize. 

Director’s Report
Library Director, Frank Novak presented a library update.

     The Board of Trustees has three new members.
     Additional security cameras have been installed and existing cameras have been repositioned.
     New shelving has been added to the children’s department.
     The library finished the year $200,000 under budget.
     Fortunately, the recent tornado jumped over the library leaving debris but no damage.
     The new monument sign will be installed as soon as the electric part of the sign arrives.
     Thank you to the Friends for its gift of $49,900. 

 Secretary’s Report
Jackie Pollack moved that the April minutes be accepted, Shirley Nowak seconded, the motion passed unanimously.  

Treasurer’s Report 
The treasurer’s report showed a checkbook balance of $40,635.84. CD: $100,391.55. Penny Thoma moved to accept the treasurer’s report, Reta Stohs seconded, the motion passed unanimously.  

Fundraisers Recaps
The May Breakfast cleared $3,700; June Book Sale $1,400; Amazon Smile $432.86 (Program has ended).  

 Upcoming Fundraisers 

  • Minilinks@thelibrary – July 21, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Sponsorships – $1,650 Golf is free, donations appreciated! 
  • Million Dollar Friend – A giving campaign will hopefully help us reach a $1,000,000 of recorded fundraising by the Friends before the annual Friends Luncheon in October. 
  • Fall Fest Book Sale – September 29,30, and October 1 
  • Holiday Baskets – November 17 – December 15 

 Corner Books Update – Reta Stohs made a plea for a few Friends to work with Scott once a week to learn the ins and outs of sorting book donations and stocking Corner Books. Want to help? Let Pamela know. 


Deanne Engelke moved that the current Board members (8) be nominated and elected by acclimation, Penny Thoma seconded, the motion passed unanimously. There is still one empty position. 

 General Meetings 

No August Meeting
September 15 – Local History Presentation about The Cornell
October 20 – Celebration Luncheon, National Friends of Libraries week
November 17 – Turkey Trivia and Basket Preview
December 15 – Holiday Concert; Basket winners

Connie Corwin Moved the meeting adjourn, Pat Totman seconded, the motion passed unanimously at 12:05 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted, Marjorie Smith 

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