2023 Holiday Basket Raffle: November 17 thru December 14

Holiday Basket Raffle Fundraiser
November 17 – December 14
Tickets on Sale at the Information Desk or online
$1 each or 6/$5
Winners will be drawn on Friday, December 15 and the Friends General Meeting at 11:00 a.m. at the library.

To Buy Tickets Online:
Click on:  Make a Donation or Payment.
Complete the form for a one time donation.
In the Directions to seller, type in the basket number and number of tickets you would like to purchase.

Link to Basket Tags – contents of each basket.:   2023 Basket Tags


  1. Cash for the Holidays: $200 Cash
  2. Holiday Travel: Apple Air Pods, 20″ suitcase & travel accessories
  3. Holiday Essentials I: Gnomes, $100 each: Thorntons & Meijer
  4. Holiday Essentials II: Gnomes, $100 each: Thorntons & Woodman’s
  5. Downtown Dining: Village Inn, Parkside Pub, The Irie Cup, Morkes, BBQ King, Lincoln House, D. C. Cobb’s and Sal’s
  6. Local Eats I: Snowflake Card Holder, Mug: Panera, Brunch Café, Rookies, Jameson’s, Papa Saverio’s and Taco Bell
  7. Local Eats II: Snowflake Card Holder, Mug; Culver’s, Brunch Café, Georgio’s Pizzeria and Pub, Jameson’s, Starbucks, & Jimmy John’s
  8. Around Town: Gnome Dish, Trader Joe’s Groceries, Gift Cards – Jewel, Tom’s, Target, Starbucks, Arby’s, McDonald’s, Home Depot, Dunkin’ Donuts and Amazon
  9. Lotter-Tree Gnome: Gnome and $200 in Lottery Tickets
  10. Minecraft Lego Basket: Six Minecraft Lego Sets (ages 8+).
  11. It’s a Bluey Holiday: Plush Dogs, Blanket and Pillow, Play Tent, Scavenger Hunt Game, Ten Book Set, Family 4WD Car & Figures, Water Bottle.
  12. Gnome Gardening: Gardener’s Handbook, Garden Planner & Log Book, Tool Kit, Gloves, Mushroom Lights, Gnome Light, Kneeling Pad, Rain Gauge, and Soap & Brush.
  13. Sparkle & Shine: Dancing Stone Necklace & Cleaning Cloth. Necklace donated by Patrick Michael Jewelers. $100 Gift Card.
  14. Morkes Chocolates: Assorted Chocolate Goodies donated by Morkes Chocolates. $100 Gift Card.
  15. Coffee Break: French Press, Frother, Coffee Grinder, Whole Bean Coffee, Handmade Mug, and Gnome

Travel Sports Road Trip: $30 Mobile Gas Card, $25 Starbucks, Book: On the Road for Travelball by Sue Rosenfeld, Yeti Tumbler & Can Insulator, Sand Cloud Towel, light & batteries, hand soaps, travel games, nuts, gums, chocolates, and tote bag.


Basket 1 – $200 Cash


Basket 2 – Holiday Travel
Basket 3 – Holiday Essentials I
Basket 4 – Holiday Essentials II
Basket 5 – Downtown Dining
Basket 6 – Local Eats I
Basket 7 – Local Eats II
Basket 8 – Around Town
Basket 9 – Lotter-Tree Gnome
Basket 10 – Lego Minecraft
Holiday Basket 11 – It’s a Bluey Holiday
Basket 12 – Gnomes Gardening
Basket 13 – Sparkle & Shine
Basket 14 – Morkes Chocolates
Basket 15 – Coffee Break
Basket 16 – Travelball

2 thoughts on “2023 Holiday Basket Raffle: November 17 thru December 14

  1. Jan Schadt Reply

    Hi Pamela,
    I donated $5 yesterday but couldn’t get it to finish. Today I donated another $5 and hope I get this finished.. if I do, I would like to get 6 #1 tickets and 6 #9 tickets for the basket raffle. If you can’t give me the other $5 then just give me 3 of each #.
    Good luck on them!

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