Meeting Minutes – June 19, 2015

General Meeting
June 19, 2015

The HAPLD Friends Foundation members met at Tom’s Farm Market on Friday, June 19, 2015.

Those in attendance were:
Diane Benson
Sandy Cooper
Pat Cornwell
Connie Corwin
Pat Darow
Marilyn Graunke
Genevieve Hochwarter
Karen Hutchings
Georgia Jacobson
Stevie Massei
Shirley Nowak
Audrey Olsen
Jackie Pollack
Janis Ruffino
Martha Schooley
Marge Smith
Friends Liasion, Pamela Kampwerth
Communications Coordinator, Leigh Ann Porsch

Vice-President, Janis Ruffino, called the meeting to order at 11:15. She passed a basket for contributions to help pay for the drinks, cookies and scones that Tom’s provided.

Director’s Report
The Director was on vacation. Pamela Kampwerth reported that the Library’s Summer Reading Program began the week before and most of the green folders that the Friends’ provided are gone. The program registration has been a little slower this week. The school also has a summer reading program which may affect the totals. So far over 1400 children, 300 teens and 400 adults have registered. As part of the “Wild Reading” live animals have been scheduled for appearances at the library.

Secretary’s Report
The May’s minutes were reviewed and under Minilinks “June” Book Sale was changed to “August” Book Sale. Connie Corwin moved the minutes be accepted as corrected, Pat Cornwell seconded, the motion carriedMarge Smith read a letter from the Library thanking the Friends’ for their check funding $5190.00 for the Summer Reading Program and $1310 toward the Winter Reading Program.

Treasurer’s Report
Sandy Cooper gave the treasurer’s report which showed a balance as of June 16 of $18,810.09. This month’s report showed the results of the last month and a half. This is so that future reports will show the activity between monthly meetings rather than a calendar month. Income was largely from Book Sales, the Lincoln Breakfast, and a grant from the EFS Foundation. Expenses included the gift to the Library for Reading Programs.

Human Race
Diane Benson, reported on the day of the Human Race. Ten people registered for the Friends’ team. The Race was April 26 at McHenry County College for a distance of 3K. The Friends’ earned $360.00.

Brainfuse Contract
The Library has asked the Friends to again fund HelpNow and JobNow, databases offering patrons assistance with homework and job searching. Last year the databases were accessed by 4123 patrons. This year the Library has been actively promoting them in the schools. Karen Hutchings moved we fund the program; Stevie Massei seconded; the motion passed.

Book Sales
The June Book Sale was very successful. Almost $800.00 was earned. New bags will have to be ordered for the fall. The next sale will be in August the same weekend as the Minilinks.

Minilinks Committee
The 4th annual Minilinks will be held August 14. Sponsor letters have been mailed. Outside, a school bus will be open to explore and Kona Ice will again be selling refreshments. Inside activities include the Book Sale, 9 minigolf holes, Back to School drawings, and Beat the Pros (the Girls’ Golf Team).

Trustees’ Meeting Report
Genevieve Hochwarter reported this month was the first meeting of the new Library Trustees’ board. She took the opportunity to encourage each member to belong to the Friends’. She explained how the Friends’ donate thousands of dollars funding Library programs and supply hundreds of hours of volunteer help. She also informed them of upcoming fundraisers.

Sign-up sheets were available for the August Book Sale and the Fall Fest Book Sale.

Shirley Nowak moved that the meeting adjourn, Connie Corwin seconded. The meeting adjourned at 11:55.

Respectfully Submitted,
Marjorie Smith