Meeting Minutes – August 21, 2015

General Meeting
August 21, 2015

The HAPLD Friends Foundation members met in the Program Room of the Library, Friday, August 21, 2015. Those in attendance were:

Diane Benson
Pat Cornwell
Deanna Engelke
Muriel Fink
Nancy Hardy
Shirley Nowak
Janis Ruffino
Judy Schrader
Martha Schooley
Marge Smith
Bert Stohs
Reta Stohs
Friends Liaison, Pamela Kampwerth
Communications Coordinator, Leigh Ann Porsch
Marketing and IT Specialist, Doug Cataldo

Vice-President, Janis Ruffino, called the meeting to order at 11:03, thanking everyone for coming.

Director’s Report
Doug Cataldo and Leigh Ann Porsch reported for the Director.

Doug thanked the Friends for funding the gifts for new library card sign-ups in the month of September, Library Card Sign-up Month. Adults will have a choice of a 2g flash drive or a micro screen wipe. Children will receive Snoopy bookmarks and stickers.

Leigh Ann Porsch thanked the Friends for the past weekend’s fundraising activities: the Minilinks@thelibrary and Book Sale. The Summer Reading, had the highest percentage of patrons finishing the program: 42% children and teens, 29% adults. The Library Board discussed various designs and quotes for a new sign. The preference of the Board is to have a LED sign.

Trustees’ Meeting Report
Marge Smith represented the Friends’ Board at the August Library Trustees Board Meeting. She reported that in addition to the sign discussion the Board discussed why the Summer Reading sign-ups were down. At the end of the meeting Sergio took everyone on a tour of the Building, showing what projects need to be addressed and what has been done recently. Shirley Nowak and Janis Ruffino will represent the Friends at the September meeting. 

Secretary’s Report
The July minutes were reviewed. Shirley Nowak moved the minutes be accepted, Martha Schooley seconded, the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report
Diane Benson gave the treasurer’s report which showed a balance as of August 15 of $19,705.56. Income was from various book sales, membership and Minilinks. Expenses included sales tax, down payment on table rental for Fall Fest, and Library Card Month gifts. Reta Stohs moved the report be accepted, Judy Schrader seconded, the motion carried.

NIRF Meeting
Huntley Friends will host the Northern Illinois Regional Friends meeting, Saturday, August 22, 10 a.m.  Topics for discussion: number of meetings, using Facebook for the organization instead of a blog.

Book Sales
Reta Stohs reported that having many volunteers allows for faster set up and take down. She thanked Scott Lindsey and Pam Kampwerth. The weekend could not have succeeded without their extra work. The Fall Fest sale will be held at the Park District’s Cosman Center. It is a big sale and needs a lot of help setting up, selling and packing up. Everyone was encouraged to ask their friends and neighbors to help. This year the Sunday hours will be two hours longer. High School boys will be asked to help pack up the books and tables.

Minilinks Event
This year’s event cleared $1673.00. Youth created and manned two holes and the HS Girls’ Golf Team participated at the Beat the Pros hole.

Culver’s Fundraising Night
August 31, 4-8:00 p.m. the Friends will host the last fundraiser at the old Culver’s location. More volunteers are needed.

Library Programming
A vote was needed for the Friends to fund all Library programming for the next fiscal year, paying what the library needs now with the remainder being presented in a check to the library at the Friends Holiday Luncheon. Deanna Engelke made the motion, Muriel Fink seconded and the vote passed unanimously.

Holiday Basket Committee
Anyone interested in being on the Holiday Basket Committee should let Genevieve or Pam know. The first meeting, September 15, 10:00 a.m. will be at Genevieve Hochwarter’s home.

Pat Cornwell moved that the meeting adjourn, Judy Schrader seconded. The meeting adjourned at 11:45.

Respectfully Submitted,
Marjorie Smith