Meeting Minutes – August 17, 2018

General Meeting              August 17, 2018

The HAPLD Friends Foundation members met in the Library’s Program Room.

Those in attendance were: Diane Benson, Jan Brandt, Pat Cornwell, Carol David, Deanna Engelke, Elizabeth Freund, Marilyn Graunke, Nancy Hardy, Genevieve Hochwarter, Stevie Massei, Shirley Nowak, Janis Ruffino, Judy Schrader, Marge Smith, Marge Stefanek, Reta Stohs, Kathleen Wulf; Frank Novak, Library Director; Pamela Kampwerth, Head of Circulation and Outreach Services.

At 11:06 a.m. President Genevieve Hochwarter called the meeting to order.

Director’s Report
Director Frank Novak reported on the possible building program and timeline leading to the vote for a referendum April 2, 2019. Whether or not a referendum passes the triple-wide trailers will have to go in 2023.

  • A Core Planning Group, a Community Task Force, Focus Groups and Staff will be their giving feedback about the expansion project.
  • Topics for discussion
    • Space and Materials
    • Zones (Quiet, Children, Program, Huntley History/Genealogy, Technology)
    • Staff Efficiencies
    • Family, Business, Teen, Friends Foundation friendly areas
    • Safety and Security
    • Building and Site Functionality
  • Financing is needed for mailings and ads. Moneys will need to be raised since the Library cannot pay for them.
  • The Friends help will be needed to help finance and promote the “Vote Yes” campaign.

 Secretary’s Report
Janis Ruffino moved the July minutes be accepted, Pat Cornwell seconded, the motion passed. Marge Smith read a letter from the Library thanking the Friends for the additional $1031.38 in programming funds.

Treasurer’s Report
The July treasurer’s report showed a balance of $14,539.62. Reta Stohs moved the treasurer’s report be accepted, Marilyn Graunke seconded, the motion passed.

September General Meeting
The September General meeting will be moved up a week, September 14th. The program will be: “Illinois Bicentennial: the Huntley Link 1818-2018.” The usual meeting day is the day for set up of the Fall Fest Book Sale.

The Mini-links raised $2279. There were more golfers than in the past. Possibly if the event opened an hour earlier some of the backup may be avoided. Kona Ice made more money than in the past.

Fall Fest Book Sale
The August Book Sale sale went very well, $832.

Our biggest book sale fundraiser is during Fall Fest at the Cosman Center. Reta Stohs, emphasized that many more volunteers are needed for set up Friday morning and for sales Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sign-up sheets were available.

Holiday Basket Committee Meeting
The first Holiday Basket meeting is September 7, 11:00 a.m. after the Friends Board Meeting at Genevieve Hochwarter’s home. All interested members are invited to attend the meeting.

Pat Cornwell moved the meeting adjourn, Judy Schrader seconded, the meeting adjourned at 12:27 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Marjorie Smith