Meeting Minutes – July 19, 2019

General Meeting              July 19, 2019

The HAPLD Friends Foundation members met at Tom’s Farm, Huntley Illinois.

Those in attendance: Diane Benson, Connie Corwin, Pat Darrow, Judy Engeriser, Janet Gorgius, Marilyn Graunke, Nancy Hardy, Genevieve Hochwarter, Dianne Hoerter, Bert Knierim, Ron Mangold, Marsha Natkins, Jackie Pallock, Janis Ruffino, Marge Smith, Judy Schrader, Reta Stohs, Pat Totman, Kathleen Wulf, Leigh Ann Porsch, Head of Marketing and Public Relations

President, Genevieve Hochwarter called the meeting to order at 11:10.

Director’s Report
Leigh Ann Porsch gave a report for the Director. Over 2500 have registered for the Summer Reading Program. The staff is busy planning for movement of materials and furniture preparing for the demolition of the trailers.

Secretary’s Report
Connie Corwin moved that the May secretary’s report be accepted. Diane Benson seconded. The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report
The June treasurer’s report showed a balance of $21,916.67.  Connie Corwin moved the June treasurer’s report be accepted, Marilyn Graunke seconded, the motion passed.

Minilinks had to be cancelled. The event will not be held again until after the building program is finished.

June General Meeting recap
An audience of 53 attended the evening featuring Debra Miller who portrayed Louisa May Alcott. Louisa May Alcott books from the 1800’s were sold.

August Book Sale, August 3 & 4
A sign-up sheet was passed around for volunteer help.

 Fall Fest. September 20-22
Sign-up for working the Fall Fest was also circulated.

August General Meeting, August 16
Claudia Kendzior from Morkes Chocolate will be the speaker at the August meeting.

September General Meeting, September 13 (Date Change)

The September meeting will be a week early, so it won’t conflict with Fall Fest.  Lonni Oldman, Huntley Research Committee and Nancy Bacheller, Huntley Library Local History will present a program of local history: Mayhem, Mischief and Mystery.

Holiday Basket Committee, September 6
The first meeting of the Committee will be after the September 6 Board Meeting. Due to limited space this year there will only be 10 baskets.

At 11:33, Janis Ruffino moved the meeting adjourn. Reta Stohs seconded. The motion passed.

Respectfully submitted, Marjorie Smith